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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Allen & Ginter: It's an addiction.

Funny how everybody just has to get their hands on Allen & Ginter every year. It's not funny because it's popular; it's funny because Allen & Ginter was a tobacco company, producing an addictive product over 100 years ago.

I can't afford a box of the stuff, and seeing what people are pulling, I'm better off not buying any to begin with. Instead, I spend about half that much on eBay (and trading) getting everything I need.

I now have Ginter cards in-hand. I enjoy the design this year, and some of the mini sets are worth collecting. I'll save that for later as I they come in.

Here's what I have right now, starting with a complete base set:
 Above are some of the non-baseball cards from the set. In addition to the art, it's the inclusion of these cards that keep me interested in the release. Yes, Timmy plays baseball. But he looks stoned. I had to include him because of that.
 I now have two N43 box loaders. I'll trade one of them to someone for the large boxloader, one-for-one. First one to offer gets their pick. Make an offer! To save on postage-per-card, I'd like to turn it into a larger trade... so it would be nice if you have more Ginter inserts (not parallels) to offer, or other cards from my lists.
 Speaking of parallels, I have the three main mini paralels: base, black, and A&G. I think we should stop calling it black border, and start calling it fancy border. Or victorian border. Or slug-trail border.
 I have a couple extra minis (this always happens when I bid on several auctions at once). Ramirez is a regular back. Both are for trade. I'll trade Brian Wilson instead of Ramirez if you wish, but I'm keeping Aimee Mullins.
My first mini set of the year, World's Most Mysterious Figures. I'd also like to put together Ascent of Man, Highlight Sketches, and Uninvited Guests. Yes, not all of them are mini sets.

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