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Friday, July 8, 2011

2011 Allen and Ginter Autograph List Released! Yay!

Why have I seen three or four sites post the A&G autograph list like it's something new? The majority of the checklist has been known for months, though there have been some additions.

Rather than copy and paste the list here and be done with it, I'm going to offer up my A&G autograph list. These are the non-baseball autographs in the 2011 release that I actually want.

  • Aimee Mullins - paralympic champion and actress? Sweet. I saw a guy yesterday with hooks for hands on public transit.
  • Guy Fieri - host of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. I've been to several of the restaurants he features and use his show as reference. Plus, he lives in the area. He isn't God, but his show helps me find some fun places to check out.
  • Heather Mitts - soccer star, she'll be a welcome addition to my personal collection.
  • Peter Gammons - writer/broadcaster. It's Peter Gammons. Come on. Only Bob Costas would be a better sportscaster autograph to pull.
  • Picabo Street - Olympic skiing gold medalist. I have a few Olympic autographs in my PC already, mainly related to the Women In Sports collection.
  • Stan Lee - comic icon. He's not a top priority, mainly because I know this card will be out of reach and I'm not that interested in it to begin with.
  • Sue Bird - WNBA basketball star. Another Women In Sports PC want. However, I can pick her cards up through the WNBA releases, so she's not a priority either.
  • Al Gore & Keith Olbermann. Yeah, right. I'll never see this card. I would like an Olbermann autograph all by itself more than a Gore autograph. But see my Peter Gammons comment above - Bob Costas rules this category.
I have no idea what the market will be for some of these cards, but I'll keep my eye open for good deals. I missed out big time on the most important Goodwin Champions autograph I wanted at a decent price.

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