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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tiny Card Show, Big Finds Part Four

It's Thursday, and you know what that means! An all-new episode of ... wait, I don't watch any shows that are new on Thursdays anymore.

This is the fourth of five dealers I bought from at this weekend's show. Like yesterday's 49-card pileup, these came from a dealer I've bought from before - in fact, he recognizes me when I visit his table. He has one thing I'm interested in, and that's his 50-cent trays.
His cards are sorted by sport, and right next to the baseball stacks are a few non-sport trays. I've found a couple interesting cards before, but today I was able to put together most of an insert set. It's from Marvel Masterpieces, and it's titled Marvel Heroines, I think. He had cards 2-9, but no card number 1. If you have this card, I want it. Help me finish this thing! 
 Most of the other cards I bought from him were for the Awards/Leaders collection. That is another of those Bowman Platinum Team USA cards in the bottom row.
And a few more cards for good luck. The jersey card was actually from Monday's dealer, but it fit better in this scan. Oh well. You probably don't care anyway, do you? Total cost from this dealer: $10.

While most of the cards you've seen this week aren't terribly exciting, I knocked out well over 100 cards from my Zoo and Awards/Leaders lists. Tomorrow's deal will blow your socks off.


  1. Not even Parks and Recreation?

  2. I watch that through Netflix. Took me a couple episodes to get into it, and then I was hooked. Actually, I watch most of my shows through Netflix. I have a DVR for new South Park, Family Guy, American Dad (WHY?!), Tosh.0 (again, WHY?!), SNL, and Community (and a couple other shows I forgot, I'm sure). I guess I should stick Parks and Rec on there, but since the episodes go in order I don't want to jump in the plot.