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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Life's a Beach-ley! A little fooling around, trade style!

Hey, two post titles in one post!

Yesterday's post brought you some nice flea market finds, and I have more for you in a few hours. Meanwhile, I've also been busy wasting my time on eBay. I usually bid low, and get outbid without winning anything, but occasionally I'm lucky.
 I recently showed you a Team Logo version of 2009 Fathead Tradeables, but I won this player card and the 2011 edition (below) on Sportlots.

 This is a Personal Collection grab at a good price. I've had Gulbis on my want list for years, but I never went ahead and pulled the trigger. This is a nice card - the glowing angel of golf! This only would have been better if it had her autograph on it instead. That's a pretty thick piece of polo shirt too.
 Edgar Renteria doesn't sign often. I've wanted his autograph since he joined the Braves a few years ago, and with his involvement in the 2010 World Series-Winning Giants I had to put him in my PC. This was a great deal, and is numbered 0199/1000.
 From Ultimate Collection, this Brian Giles came from my LCS, as did the card below.

 These two cards came from the LCS too, and are for trade! Nachos Grande and Dimwit get first dibs (for their respective teams) as I'm working on trades with them. After that, first come first served!
 So is this one! I found a bunch of stuff for Johnny at the card show yesterday, but he won't see those until later this week. This is a real nice patch, and it could go into my Zoo collection, but maybe Johnny can appreciate it more than I will.

 This would be my first surfer autograph. Layne Beachley is a champion surfer from Australia, if I remember correctly.
 Another scan, another autograph! Sue Bird might be my favorite player from the WNBA, even though I've never seen a game. Yeah. Well, she signed for Ginter, but I got a great deal on this Press Pass autograph from '07.
 Fontenot is the Giants second baseman, and this autograph is part of my '10 World Series personal collection.

Trading has been kind of slow lately, but I received one in the mail yesterday:
These cards came from Jeff P, a new reader. He sent me his want list from Topps flagship, and I filled what I could. In return I received these six cards! I had the Uzuki card posted at the top of my site as a want for a couple weeks, and he was happy to oblige. Ripken goes to the player collection, while the mini and one of the Topps cards goes to set building. Somehow or another I ended up with the Posey and one of the other base cards (probably in that recent pack break I didn't even post about), so they become extras.

Thanks, Jeff, for your help and for reading, and I hope you enjoy your cards!

I have some A&G grabs that I'm going to post in a couple hours. Are you sick of A&G yet?


  1. Please tell me the Gulbis shirt card smells like heaven. I bet it smells like heaven. I has to smell like heaven.

    /walks away from the computer sweating.

  2. Haha! I've never had a pleasant-smelling relic card. That could be a good new concept! Just like those Benchwarmer kiss cards...