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Friday, July 1, 2011

Take the Bait!

Some card shows go better than others. I may pick up several cards I don't need on accident, or I could find some neat cards that I don't really need that others might. Either way, I always end up with a stack of cards to offer as trade bait!

 Roberto Alomar. So much Roberto Alomar.
 Jim, if you want that Schmidt, say the word! I'll put it aside for you.
 These are all Mothers Cookies issues.
 Mickey Mantle numbered to 99! And Martin Prado refractorized!

 That Season Crowns card looks so much better in person. It's from '97 Ultra.
 Vintage vintage! In fact, at this point, it's beyond vintage! 1922 Zeenut... extra? How do I end up with extras from the 1920s? The creases make a nice target on his face, don't they.
 This card is literally falling apart. I highly recommend that if you want this card in trade that you leave it in the top loader for the rest of eternity. It's not that bad, it appears that it was taped into a binder or something at some point and when it was removed it started separating into a couple layers. It is a fragile card though. It's a 1950 Remar Bread card.
 Rounding out the vintage is this 1971 Topps Coin of Willie McCovey. My scanner can't focus beyond the glass, that's why the image is blurry.
These are extras from an eBay purchase but I figured I'd toss them in this post. I'm putting together the Bowman's Best sets from this year now, and I'm not too far off from completion. Okay, I still need Harper, that's a biggie, but otherwise the rest shouldn't be too tough to find. I'd love to trade these for other '11 Bowman's Best singles that I need, but I'm up for trading for other cards.

That concludes my show posts for a while. I believe the next show is towards the end of July, so I have some time to recover. Family is still in town until the fifth, so I'm finding time to write these posts whenever I can.

Another contest post/question is hitting here tomorrow afternoon! Be sure to check it out.


  1. Would love to trade for the Mickey

  2. I like that Zeenut, the Bowman Tex and the Jays Alomars. I should have some stuff from your lists.

  3. The Wright. Shinjo, 2 Griffey's, and the 2 Frank Thomas' would look good to me.

  4. I could use the other Bowman's Best Tex and the Bowman's Best Howard, though I'm currently lacking Best doubles (I'll keep my eyes open this weekend). I've been eyeballing those Remar Oakland Oaks on eBay for a while, and even though the card's likely in hospice, I think I'd be down.