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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's about time! Contest/comment drawing.

This Card Is Cool. Is it PC Cool?
Around the end of June and beginning of July I asked a couple questions about cards, and some of you responded.
Topps team sets are identical to the base sets.
The June question was regarding those Topps team sets and whether each team set would be considered unique for a type set. Of the six that responded, two said each team set needs representation, while the others said or implied that one card from all the sets is enough. I'm still up in the air on this myself, but your comments were a help. I noticed that Matthew at Number 5 Type Collection has broken it down team by team, though his collection focuses on pre-1980s cards, and thus this generally only affects TCMA releases in the late-70's and 1980.
Star issued several identical small sets focusing on single players.
On an earlier post, I used to determine SpastikMooss as a prize winner, and his prize finally arrived at my door with a combined purchase and will be on the way to him today.
A recent addition to my PC
The July question asked what a PC was. Along with player vs. personal discussion (consensus is personal, though it works either way), a personal collection is the collection people won't trade for anything. The part that strikes me as odd is the implication that a card could be in my collection that I would be willing to part with. I've never considered doubles as part of my collection, and that box is the one I always pull from when making trades or padding a mailer (1996 Upper Deck SP, I'm looking at you). I also have never considered trading away a card once it's been typed into the spreadsheet or crossed off a want list (with one exception).
This card could be in the Awards/Leaders collection, or I could trade it away.
I guess that's not entirely true. Because the actual Awards/Leaders cards don't matter so much as much as the player on the card, I'd be willing to trade those for a same-player replacement. And I've had some trade interest in cards I've added to the Cardboard Zoo, which I've offered as being available for another card from the same set.

It seems that most people, even set builders, mention a player or team collection as their personal collection. A couple mentioned there are a few specific sets they consider personal. I'm sure that's because most of us have a connection with that player or team, because they're who we root(ed) for.
The current star of my Geoff Geary collection - the base version of his only certified autograph.
My personal collections, then, would be my player collections (just started), Geoff Geary infant-super collection, and my autograph/relic collection. I designed the auto/relics collection to be special to me - where subjects and card types matter to me. My other collections really don't have that kind of focus. They are just interesting cards or fulfill a collecting desire. I guess that's what makes them personal.

On to the prize for that contest (only about two weeks later...). There were 12 comments on that post, and running the numbers through gives comment number 5 the win, which is Sam, The Dimwit! Congrats, Sam, and I may have some worthy stuff to send as your prize already, otherwise it might be a couple weeks as I find goodies.


  1. Awesome! Thanks Ryan!

    On a postage related note, I am moving soon so let me know before you ship, I will let you know what address to send it to! Thanks again for the contest!