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Monday, February 15, 2021

Just One One of One of Which There are Four

Cards are a bit tough to come by these days, but that doesn't mean I haven't found anything. One recent pickup was this card right here:

This Niko Hulsizer printing plate comes from 2020 Bowman Draft (if you can't tell from the image). Hulsizer was actually drafted in 2018 by the Dodgers, and played with the Ogden Raptors that season. He spent 2019 with the Loons and Quakes before being traded to the Rays on July 31; he then spent the rest of the season with the Stone Crabs and GCL Rays (on a rehab assignment. He was "assigned" to the Rays in 2020 but with no minor league season nothing happened. He did play in Perth, Australia after the 2019 season.

He was activated by the Bowling Green Hot Rods just a few days ago. I'm not sure what Topps had in mind when they gave him card number 1 in the 2020 Bowman Draft set, but here he is. 2020 is his first season on a non-team card; he made it into the 2020 Bowman (and Chrome) Prospects set, Bowman Heritage, Topps Heritage Minor League, and Topps Pro Debut. He has autographs in Bowman/Chrome and Pro Debut, and an insert in Bowman Chrome.

Who knows, maybe he'll end up a big star with the Rays or somewhere else. I'm not holding my breath. This card's headed to the type collection.


  1. Never heard of Nico... but I hope he ends up being a household name at some point.

  2. I own a printing plate and actual like them, but I know a lot of collectors don’t consider them hits in boxes.

  3. Zippy: Yeah, I exist from time to time!

    Fuji: It would be nice to "win the lottery" from time to time. I have had a decent share of luck with packs in the past.

    Sumo: they aren't exactly attractive. They are "hits" to me but I don't count them as 1/1s, more like 1/4s.