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Monday, February 22, 2021

My Most Expensive Minor League Card

I have several player collections, but keeping up with them isn't too tough, because most of them are just Topps flagship base cards. But I have put together a few more comprehensive collections.

Michael Jordan is known more for his actions with an orange ball than a white one, but at some point I decided to put together a full collection of all of his base and insert baseball cards. That collection isn't quite finished, but the last "hit" is in the books:

This card from 2002 Upper Deck Minor League has a piece of his jersey with the Scottsdale Scorpions. I picked up a bat relic pretty early on in my quest to find all of Jordan's baseball cards, but jerseys have been more elusive. All that's left are a few 1994 inserts (which won't come cheap, I think) and one of those Upper Deck 20th Anniversary cards from 2009. This year, I hope!


  1. Awesome card. I like how your swatch is almost like a Bulls swatch.
    The only jersey card I own of Jordan is a minor league one from 2001 or 2002. Sure wish I would have just dove in and picked up one of his basketball memorabilia cards before they skyrocketed in price.

  2. No kidding, looks like all Jordan cards are on fire. Even his minor league stuff.

  3. I'm glad I got as much as I did before his cards took off. The pandemic crush certainly didn't help, and neither did that documentary. I really hope I can get those cards for a less-than-insane price.