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Friday, July 17, 2015

Yet Another Trade Post: Prospective Retrospective Perspective

Let me restate the obvious at this point: I got cards from Tom (of Angels In Order) in a trade at some point. I can't find any details about this so I have no idea when it arrived, what I sent (if anything?! - probably some Angels CardGen), or... well... anything. It was only recently that I was able to open the envelope, scan the cards, and enjoy their awesomeness. And I can't find any correspondence about this.

But let's see the coolness that was in the envelope!
 These are one card - a double-sided card for charity. I gather Tom had a few of these, as they've shown up on at least one other blog (hello, PATP!). I'm a Gwynn fan, and PATP is a Rangers fan, so it's only natural that we both would end up with one of these cards. They must be fairly rare though, because I didn't find very much about them out there on the InterWebs. I did find out there are multiple years of them.

Now, the majority of the package was from one set. And while he sent me 18 cards from an insert set, that is still less than 1% of the total set's cards. Yup, I'm talking about the Upper Deck 20th Anniversary Retrospective set from 2009. 2500 cards in all. Insanity... and I'm trying to complete it. Well, not aggressively - it's been out for six years and I haven't even got half of the cards yet. But I do pick them up when I find them inexpensively at card shows. My want list for this set is here.
 O-BA-MA! O-BA-MA! Sorry, I watched a lot of South Park recently.
 Cool, an award trophy on a card!
 My, Mozart really had a big head.
 More basketball than baseball?
 There were some really big names from this set in the lot: multiple Tigers, Griffey, and Obama especially.
It's cool to see Expos logos on cards now that the team has disappeared.

So, thank you Tom for pushing me a little closer to the finish line... or at least the first quarter of completion for this set.

And tomorrow, I'll have more cards from Tom, received in a completely separate package, for a completely separate reason (I think!).

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  1. Tom dropped some stuff on me recently as well - the guy's been on fire lately!