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Thursday, July 16, 2015

A Long Time Ago, In A Contest Far, Far Away...

 How long ago was this? One of the things I had to scan once I saw it waiting for me in San Francisco was my prize from one of Fuji's awesome contests!
 My scanner butchered the back of the scan, but perhaps this was the best part! I'd always wanted a Fuji card of my own.

So, the prize package was a full set of playing cards featuring the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.
 Here's the card back and the two (identical) jokers. But you don't want art. You want scantily clad women in strange positions.

The set finishes with a story and offer card. How about ordering me up one of those puzzles, posters, and perhaps some of that jewelry?

All I have to say about the photos is, wow, the hair.

I know it's more than just a little belated, but thanks, Fuji, for the sweet prize!


  1. Their hair is certainly well-lit in those studio shots.

  2. Lol... this must have been from a while back. I vaguely remember having this set in my possession. Glad you like it.

    As for the delay... no worries. I still need to post my thank you post for the two packages you sent me.