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Friday, July 29, 2011

Tiny Card Show, Big Finds Part Five

Finally, the end! Over the past week you've seen card after card from mostly-forgotten insert sets that I overlooked for my collection until now.

Today, I bring out the big guns.

No, I didn't buy a Jeter autograph, or even a Rickey Henderson autograph, or even a Bob Feller autograph.

But I did awesome.

All these cards came from the same dealer, the first one I hit when I reached the show. I almost wrote off his boxes while looking through them - there were two boxes labeled at $1 each, 10 for $7. I saw several junk cards and was about to write off the rest of them, and then I started finding cards I wanted.

First, the "regular" cards - inserts and such.
 As soon as I saw the DK, I started a purchase stack. I did pretty well with them - Randy Johnson is numbered to 75. The Ruth was still in his package; I now only need a Mantle to have the full set (such a challenge, I know). Ichiro and Pujols came later in the box, and I found a few of each, but I only need one. The three bottom cards were add-ons at the end to even up my purchase amount.

Now I know what you're saying. So, for a dollar each (or, a little less), you picked up some inserts and base cards. Sure, for about 70 cents each I picked those up. But I also got this:
 Brandon Inge! He's tearing it up at the plate this year, batting  .177. He's probably on his way out, but he was an outstanding defensive 3rd baseman for the last several years.
 Jumping leagues, I grabbed this bat of Pokey Reese. Again, for less than a buck!

Next, an autograph, for less than a buck:
 Kelvim Escobar didn't really mean anything to me when I bought this, but he wasn't a bad pitcher through 2007, playing for the Blue Jays and Angels. Injuries have basically ended his MLB career.

Okay, an autograph for under a buck. What could be better than that?


Are you expletive deleteding me?

A Yankee starter, 13-year veteran, two-time all-star, ERA leader, and World Series champion?

On a printing plate 1/1?

For under a buck?

Expletive deleteding awesome.

It's from 2007 Topps Series 1.

Total cost (9 cards, 2 jerseys, autograph, and printing plate): $10.

Thank you and goodnight.


  1. wow, great deal on a 1/1 of Sweaty Freddy!

  2. SMG: I wouldn't have even noticed. I don't think I can recognize most baseball players by their face, even on the Giants. Except of course Mr. 420, Panda, and the crazy bearded mountain man. Maybe Buster Posey. I don't know why, maybe because I spend so much of that area of my brain's efforts on learning student names and faces.

    CCC: It was the one who was next to the Old Navy entrance, with all the signed Raiders helmets and photos. He had a box with $1 each, 10 for $7, and they all came out of that box.