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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Auto-Matic for the People

If this title has already been used by someone, I apologize.

One last package showed up this past week, after I wrote today's earlier consolidation post. I'm happy with this purchase - I think I got a decent deal, though not by much. Four autographs in total: two specific ones I wanted, and one more I can use for the Zoo.
 LeVon Washington was a second round pick for the Indians in 2010. He was drafted in the first round by the Rays (30th overall) in 2009 but didn't sign - he played a bit rookie-level ball last year. This year he's playing for Lake County (single A) and tearing it up, batting .226 as a full-time outfielder. Perhaps he'll develop into something better, but for now he's an addition to the Cardboard Zoo.
 Tim Hardaway was one of the best in the NBA at his prime, and his jersey number was retired by the Heat. His son's playing college basketball for the Wolverines. I don't need this card, but it was part of the lot. It's available for trade.
 Gretchen Bleiler is an Olympic silver medalist and 4-time X Games gold medalist snowboarder. And she's attractive. I wasn't looking for her autograph at the time, but it came with the lot and made me pull the trigger. She's headed to my personal collection with my other movie and Women in Sports treasures.
I was initially looking for this Janet Evans card when I found the lot above. It's a great image for a five-medal swimming star who doesn't smoke pot or look like a douche. (At least he doesn't use roids.) Anyway, Evans is supposedly trying to make a comeback for next year's Olympics. We'll see. She'll go into the collection with Gretchen.

I like the Goodwin Champions autograph selection better than the Allen & Ginter autos this year. I mentioned on an earlier post there are some people in the Ginter set I'd like, but the only two I really want are the frosted-tip douche and the inspirational legless athlete. Heather Mitts would be nice too, but the World Cup made her unreachable for now.

I didn't get any feedback on my videos in this earlier post. Do you like them? Not? Let me know. It won't become an all-the-time thing, but if it sways your emotions one way or the other let me know. And if you want the Hardaway, say the word! He's better off in the hands of a man who loves him. (Do you get the joke?)

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