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Friday, July 14, 2017

New Cards and Whatnots

I don't think I have any particular way of introducing these cards as anything other than "A bunch of random stuff I haven't shown you yet, and the reasons why they are in my collection." Are you going to yawn?
 I haven't seen many promos this year, but this Marines team set "Limited Edition" card was found at one of my local card shops. I believe there are Carp promos too.
Speaking of Hiroshima, I'm now one hologram away from a full set of 1993 BBM cards - for the Carp. The 1993 set is notable as it has the rookie cards of Ichiro and Hideki Matsui. Technically, the set is complete without the holograms, but I came across a large group of them at a good price and decided to go for the "master" set. But no, I won't get the other issues, like the All-Star and Japan Series sets.
 Tsukasa, another Japanese wrestler. Autograph: check! I'm down to six on the want list, if I do actually go after all of them.

The remainder of these cards serve as a "type collection update" for many of this year's parallels.
 This 2017 Carp Fighting Spirit insert shows the #/50 holofoil parallel style.
 2017 Swallows autograph.
 This 2017 Carp Fighting Spirit insert shows the lack of style in the #/100 parallel. I think it's the same as the regular cards, just with a serial number.
 2017 BBM First Version rookie parallel, serial #/150.
 The holofoil rookie parallel #/50.
 2017 BBM 1st Version gold signatures, #/100.
 Cross-brand insert Cross Squall, #/100.
 2017 Swallows Seasoned Pro insert, #/50. I don't really see much difference from the regular insert.
Finally, a 2017 Carp jersey card.

Exciting, huh? I am a bit surprised that I could get some of these insert parallels so quickly. A little bit of luck in the auctions, I guess!


  1. I just recently picked up a couple Japanese baseball cards.. They happened to fit into my collection by being of Canadian Nigel Wilson.

  2. Welcome to the wonderful world of Japanese cards! I'm sure there are plenty of Nigel Wilson cards issued here in Japan: BBM and Calbee annual sets, BBM's team sets and topical sets, Upper Deck and Epoch's sets from around 2000, and any of the team sets. If you're really interested in obtaining more of Wilson's cards. And I'd gather there have been dozens of Canadians who have played in the NPB. I had no idea when I first started looking into Japanese cards how extensive the catalog really is.