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Sunday, April 23, 2017

The 30-Day Baseball Card Challenge (Day 23)

Day 23: A favorite oddball card from the 1950s

I don't have many 1950s cards, and those that I do have aren't exactly oddballs. I love oddballs, but getting them isn't easy, especially not living in the US. I could scour eBay for bargains or spend lots of time on COMC checking for new cards I don't have. I could, but I don't have time for that.

I could post some more menko cards from the 1950s - for all of you in the States, menko cards are oddballs. But those were the norm back then, so I feel it's cheating just a little to do so.
As far as US cards go, I think the 1950s Red Man cards are beautiful, with nice paintings of the players. The best ones have visible stadium backgrounds instead of solid color backgrounds, like the Robin Roberts you see above.
Honorable Mention goes to this game card for the very visible beanball. I mean, he could have been hit in the arm or leg, or even drilled in the ribs. But, no, the 1957 Ed-U-Cards baseball game chose to show this poor cartoon guy getting a concussion. He's not even wearing a helmet!


  1. This particular challenge will definitely prove challenging to me as well. I wish I owned one of those Red Man singles. They're beautiful cards. Maybe that's what I'll put my eBay Bucks towards.

    1. I've been working hard to meet as many of my collecting goals as possible this year, but one that's really tough is my base type collection. Red Man is one of the sets that might break the bank.