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Saturday, April 1, 2017

2017 Topps Opening Day for Opening Day Weekend

I'm getting things cleaned up. I finished what is probably the biggest part of getting my new stuff organized, so now it's all these odds and ends. But then, those can take the longest!

Anyway, I bought a pack of Topps Opening Day, because, why not? Here, for Opening Day, is what was inside:
 Longoria looks like he might fall over here. Too much gold around his neck, you know.
 A tip of the cap to you too, Jose. There aren't many people in those outfield stands. Is this in Miami?
 That's a pretty nice action shot.
 Giants player #1. I remember when Belt was supposed to be the Next Big Thing.
 Giants player #2. Someone needs a haircut.
 Giants player #3. I do hope Posey has a better season at the plate than last year. He's still one of the best in the game!
Speaking of needing a haircut... what in tarnation is this? At least I pulled one of the coveted Mascot inserts for my type collection.

And that's all! Quite underwhelming, but one pack of Opening Day tends to be that way. Okay, back to work for me...


  1. "There aren't many people in those outfield stands. Is this in Miami?"

    Everybody cleared that part of the stadium when they realized they were about to be photographed with a man charged with domestic abuse.

  2. Half the players in your pack played in the WBC for Team USA - Lucroy, Crawford (whose hair is just fine, thank you very much) and Posey.

    1. He looks to Metallica-ish. Interesting observation!