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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Pack Busting: 2014 Calbee #3

It's time for five more packs of Calbee! Each pack has two cards.
 The first pack has two foreigners! Kila Ka'aihue is a Hawaiian player who played with the Royals and A's before joining the Carp last year. He's not a power hitter but he's hitting about as well as Japanese players do. Matt Murton, on the other hand, has a career NPB average over .300. His career average with the MLB is pretty solid too.
 Pack number two has two inserts - one Starcard and one of the three Legend cards: Tomonori Maeda, who retired at the end of 2013.
 Here's the back of the Legend card, which includes year-by-year and career totals for his entire career.
 Pack three has another Starcard - Sakamoto looks really young in that photo - he's 25 years old.
 Pack four is fairly uneventful. The photography on Calbee cards is darker than Topps, but it's sharp and usually clear.
Pack five has a duplicate - Kila shows his head again. I have a feeling that I'll end up with several duplicates and probably some triplicates by the time I finish buying Calbee Series 1 packs.


  1. Nice gets! I take it you have found a regular source of bags then?

    I finally got my first bag today after spending a week looking through every conbini and grocery store in town. Finally my 2014 Calbee set has begun.

    I`ll be trying to piece together the set bag by bag so if you are interested maybe we can trade some doubles later in the season?

    1. I saw your post about getting Calbee! I haven't seen it anywhere but the Mega Donki I mentioned before, but I'm going to check around again tomorrow or Monday.

      I'd be glad to trade! I already have a couple extras. I've posted 20 bags of cards, but I've bought 31 bags so far. I figured I'd buy 60-75 bags per series and buy the rest of the singles I need, so I guess I'm about halfway there.

  2. Cool! Actually yesterday I discovered that a local 7-11 also has bags, so I have picked up a couple of more bags and have already gotten my first double. I`ll probably get more like 30 or so bags per series based on previous years.

    Maybe towards the end of each series` release we can exchange want/have lists.