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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Getting Lucky with Calbee: 6 Packs Open, 6 To Go!

I have never really thought of myself as a Taylor Swift fan, but I enjoy her music. This isn't my favorite from her most recent album, but you'll see why I'm including it when you get to the end of this post. I suggest you go ahead and skip the 2+ minute speaking intro and get to the song.

Let's get another six Calbee packs out of the way, shall we? Something good is in store here after yesterday's lackluster bust.
 Today's cards are packed with pitchers, and this pack starts us off with two lefties. Okada had a good rookie year last year, serving in a relief position. Masanori Ishikawa has been with the Swallows since 2002. Never a really great pitcher, he's off to a rough start this year.
 Pack two has two righties. Kodai Senga is another reliever who had a great rookie season last year. Hideaki Wakui moved to the bullpen a few years ago and after being the closer in 2012 has served mostly as a middle reliever to give the Marines a couple good innings a game.
 Here's a good pack! Two inserts! After batting in the .230s for the prior three years, Sho Nakata hit .305 for the Fighters in 2013. He's been a bit of a power hitter, averaging around 24 home runs per season. This year his average is low again, though he already has five dingers. The card on the left is from the Japan Series, one of the insert sets... and at least it's a different card than the one I already have!
 Wait, what's this? I pulled a lucky card! Actually, it's a Rakkiikaado. I've already cut out and mailed the tiny tab in the corner to get my card holder and two special cards. You'll see those when I receive them - hopefully next month. Oh, and there's another Starcard!
 You've heard about Takahashi. Eishin Soyogi has had a couple of .300+ seasons since starting in 2006 with the Carp.
Let's finish with two more pitchers, this time a righty and a lefty. Atsushi Nohmi (Atsushi Nomi) has been a pretty consistent pitcher with the Tigers with an ERA below 3.00 from 2009 through 2013 (career 3.08). He's 3-1 this year with a 4.78 ERA. I told you about Masuda before, the Marines closer.

Well, six more packs down! And the "Golden Ticket" of cards, the lucky card, is mine as well! I'll bring you my (most likely) final six packs tomorrow.

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