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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

5 More Packs of 2014 Calbee

As I said last week, my goal is to finish my Series 1 Calbee set by the end of the month, although Series 2 won't come out until July. So, here are the cards from five more packs.
 Pack 1 has an insert (Climax Series). Not a bad start!
 Another insert, but I already have this Japan Series single. Kisanuki has never been a great pitcher, but seems to have managed to stay in the starting rotation, or he's used as a middle/long reliever, as he averages more than 5 innings per appearance. He hasn't played yet this year, though.
 Three for three with another insert, this time from the Legends set. This is Ohsera's (or Osera's) rookie season, and he's off to a decent start.
 Ibata is a solid-hitting infielder for the Giants who had been with the Dragons from 1998-2013. Obviously, Calbee has a Spring Training photo here.
This is the second Luna card I've pulled. Sakaguchi had a few good years with the Buffaloes around 2010, but the last two seasons he hasn't seen much action. Fun fact: Sakaguchi literally translates as Hill Mouth, or an opening in a hill... like the entrance to a cave.

That was a fun five packs, found at my local supermarket! I'm glad to see these in at least one more store now.


  1. Never knew Ibata left the Giants.

    1. Despite his somewhat-poor performance at the plate last year, the Giants wanted an everyday second baseman. So far he's doing pretty well with his new team, though it's too early in the season to really say anything.

  2. Living in Nagoya I was sad to see Ibata go to the Giants, especially since I shelled out on a Dragons jersey with his name on it last year.

    I' ve pulled a couple of Luna's so far too, which I'm pretty happy with since he's off to a good start this year too. Saw him hit a home run in last night's game.