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Friday, April 25, 2014

Calbee: My Last 6 Packs from Series 1

If I kept my mental track right, I've opened 64 packs of Calbee including the cards below. That's 128 cards. A master set, excluding the lucky cards, has 124 cards. Do I have a master set? Nope. I don't have a full base set yet, either. But who expects perfect collation, especially when buying random packs from multiple locations?

I mentioned before I'm pretty much done with bags of chips for Series 1, though I'll trade and buy for the cards I need next month (after my vacation). Did I get anything great in this last batch?
 The Hawks have two pitchers named Takeda. This is Masaru, a starter with a career 2.85 ERA.
 In case you didn't hear, Wladimir Balentien broke the single-season home run record last year with 60, almost doubling his prior two seasons. He has 11 already in 2014.
 Ginjiro Sumitani has a career .204 average, yet he's been the Lions' number one catcher since 2009. Except 2010, when he played in exactly one game, getting exactly one at bat.
 This pack of two has two doubles. I wonder if any of the catchers in Calbee's set are shown without their catching gear.
 Here's my first and only insert in the last six packs. Even the "common" inserts have been somewhat difficult to find - no checklists or League Champions cards. I managed to pull all three Japan Series cards, though, so I have a full set of that. It seems like I'm missing more of the inserts than I have, although I have half of the Starcard inserts plus several duplicates.
Akira Nakamura had his breakout year last year after seeing limited play in 2011 and 2012. He answered by hitting .307 in 109 games. This year he's hitting .296 in 21 games so far.

I need to confirm my Calbee checklists and then I'll post a summary/want list tomorrow!

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