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Monday, April 7, 2014

American Japanese Baseball Player at a Basketball Game...?

A very favorable article (rightfully so) about Tuffy Rhodes was published by one of my odd Japanese news sources last night. Don't worry - it's in English. Other than Cecil Fielder, I knew practically nothing about foreign ballplayers in Japan when I first got here, but between Jason's interest and my own experience learning about Japanese baseball by collecting cards, Tuffy's really grown on me.

If you're really into Japanese cultural oddities or planning a long trip to Japan sometime soon, Rocket News 24 is a good source of information about quirky locales, new restaurants and promotions, and just fun stories.


  1. Cool story, thanks for sharing!

    The subject line sounds like the setup for a joke. "An American Japanese baseball player walks into a basketball game..."

  2. I was thinking the same thing when I wrote it... But what would the punchline be?

  3. It is nice to see him in the news, not in relation to his former single season HR record or for his accomplishment on the annual Tuffy Rhodes Day in MLB, but for something else entirely.