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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Calbee-ing Again: 5 More New 2014 Packs!

 Masuda had 33 saves last year, but has only seen action in three games so far this season, giving up three runs in three innings. Takayuki Kishi is a pretty decent starter for the Lions, with a career 3.19 ERA and he should get his 1000th strikeout this year, his eighth season.
 Tetsuya Utsumi has been a good starter for the Giants since 2004. He posted ERAs below 2.00 in 2011 and 2012.
 Two inserts, though I've seen that Climax Series card before. In fact, I still haven't pulled any checklists! The Swallows player on the Starcard is Shingo Kawabata, who batted .311 last year and is hitting .355 in 16 games this year.
 Takashi Saito moved back to Japan and joined the Eagles in 2013 after jumping around the Major Leagues for several seasons. Last season, he pitched in 30 games, for a total of 26.2 innings and only 4 saves, serving as a setup or specialist.
The last pack proved to be a great one, with another one of the rare gold signature Starcard parallels!

That's it for this week's Calbee packs. Next week will probably be my last for Series One, as I'll open my 60th pack. Then it'll be off to the stores to find singles.

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  1. Almost at 60 already? Nice. I am not quite at that pace but am getting close, send me your want list before you hit the shops, I have a fair number of doubles already and could probably send a few your way and save you from paying the prices they charge (maybe we could do a running total over the year on a 1-for-1 basis or something and I`ll send you my want list when I finish buying packs for each series too?).