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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Crackin' Calbee: 6 More Packs

As I mentioned last week, I'm pretty much done buying packs for Calbee Series 1. Sean has mentioned that he's interested in trading, and I'll be posting my want and trade list some time this week. I have 18 more packs to post, so over the next few days I'll bring them all to you!

Opening bags of chips is almost as fun as opening regular packs of cards, by the way. The only problem is that there are only two cards per bag, so it's over pretty fast.
 The first pack nets me a Starcard! Too bad I already have Kenta Maeda. Despite only having about half of the cards, I pulled a few doubles. That's okay, I can trade them and I need one for my type collection. I mentioned before that Maeda might be the next big pitcher to go to Japan - Masahiro Tanaka beat him to it but the star pitcher for the Carp has said he wants to be posted.
 Hayato Sakamoto has an interesting swing, captured here on his Calbee card. He's a decent hitter, though he seems to have good years and bad years.
 Luna card number three. I think these were double printed. Speaking of double printing, I wonder if any Calbee cards are double-printed or short-printed.
 Tomoya Mori has yet to see a single game with the Lions. I'm kind of surprised that he has a Calbee card.
 You don't see a lot of horizontal Calbee cards. I really like them, and this Fujita has a fairly unique image for Calbee (and BBM) - he actually has the ball!
You can compare Fujita's action card above with this fielding shot of Toritani. Yes, he's on his feet, but there's nothing actually happening here. While we're at it, you can scroll back and see that all the batters are captured just before or just after their swing.

Not much going on in today's packs thanks to the Maeda being a double (and no other inserts, and still no checklist cards), but tomorrow has something exciting!

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