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Monday, April 28, 2014

Five Packs of Opening Day: Three

Happy Monday! I should be at Lotte World, Korea's most famous amusement park. It's the Disney of South Korea, if a little less happy.
 If this were BBM, CJ would still have the ball, in the early part of his windup.

 These don't scan well, but I like the 3D inserts Topps has been creating for the past few years.
 Lots of pitchers.

It looks like Morales' teammates are encouraging him to reach the plate. "Come on, just four more steps! You can do it!" Or, even funnier, telling him to stay away. "Go back! Quicksand! Snakes!"

Today's video comes from baseball, actually:
He needs to have me as an English teacher!


  1. Given Kendrys Morales' history (he broke his ankle jumping on home plate to celebrate a walk off grand slam in 2010), his teammates are probably telling him to take it easy this time.

  2. NPB: I forgot about that! I'm sure you're right.