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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Five Packs of Opening Day: Four

Let's see... it's Tuesday so I'm leaving Seoul for the central part of South Korea. I should be at a baseball game soon, given the time difference. It'll be my first or second game, depending on whether Sunday is a rainout.
 How's this for coincidence! A Korean rookie when I see my first (or second) Korean baseball game!

 I really should put together a small Japanese Players Who Played/Are Playing in the MLB Collection.
 Mascots. Japan is packed with them. The MLB teams do them about half-right.
 Don't touch his head! Wait, what's that behind him...

Video of the day. When I used to post frequent videos, Bad Lip Reading was just getting its start. They're finally back with a long clip from Twilight III, a movie I am pretty sure I'll never see.


  1. I will have that Baxter the Bobcat card some day. Creepy.

  2. Many of the modern American mascots just aren't cool. The Phillies mascot (I forget his name) and the San Diego Chicken were awesome, but maybe the MLB should hire a Japanese marketing company to design some team mascots.