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Sunday, April 20, 2014

New Release: 2014 BBM Buffaloes

The latest team set to hit shelves (as of last week) is the Buffaloes issue. The Carp and Golden Eagles sets came out this week.
 The cards have a white border and a team color frame, with a border at the bottom that also uses team colors. I like this design, though not enough to buy a set. I'm not really a Buffaloes fan, after all. The backs use a circle for the head shot photo, also pretty unique. While the layout follows the BBM formula, it does have a couple tweaks that set it apart from the others.

There are 90 cards in the set; cards 1-72 are regular cards as you see above, and 73 and 74 are mascot cards.
 Cards 75-81 are dual-player cards. I don't know exactly what this subset translates as, though possibly "Marching" or "Advancing" or something to that point.
The final nine cards, 82-90, form a puzzle titled "Focus Players" with a category for each player (Keyman, Expert, or Rookie).Only the text carries over from card to card, so it's not too exciting of a puzzle.

The lone insert set is titled B's Stars. There are nine cards, and each card has two photos of each player. They have a foil background with a design that changes slightly from card to card. 
 The set is paralleled with holographic foil in the set logo on the front, and serial numbered to 50 copies each.
 The autographed cards use stickers and it appears that there are 70 subjects in the set, including both mascots. A few players have print runs as low as 30 cards each, but a large majority are serial numbered to 80 copies each.
The only known parallel right now is a "Limited Edition" promo with a different color scheme. I'm 99.9% sure there are nine cards in the set.

Each pack has 7 cards and retails for 400 yen plus tax; boxes contain 20 packs (8000 yen+tax) and each case has 12 boxes.

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