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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Five Packs of Opening Day: Five

This is my last pack of Opening Day for 2014. Normally I'd do my monthly wrap-up, but since I'm in Korea, I'm going to skip it this month. 

 This is my second Fired Up insert. Again, a cool concept though not something I'm too interested in personally.

And that's it! In five packs I pulled cards from five different insert sets, plus of course the base cards. I like opening these packs due to the low price point and fun chase cards, but I never bother putting together a set. After looking at a lot of dark BBM and Calbee photos, the bright crisp photos Topps uses is a really good change. There's a lot I'd change about Topps, but the images on the cards are of much higher quality!
Have you hugged your chicken today?

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