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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Thirty Eight: Last of the Card Show Pickups

Here's the rest of the singles from last month's card show pickups...
 Three printing plates and an /15 autograph. But that Leaf Matrix card looks the coolest in this scan! The Platinum autograph is nice. But I gotta go with Matt Harvey as the best card here thanks to the colors.
 I was surprised to come across a Goodwin Champions printing plate. But that's why I go to card shows! I really like that Eddie Murray dual relic card too. But Pedro Martinez is my favorite card here. I'm a sucker for art cards, if you didn't know.
One of the dealers has occasional Korean cards. I don't know why; perhaps he builds sets for himself, or he looks for certain big hits or players. I got a bunch of cards from the 2019 SCC Premium 2 set for my type collection from him. Dan usually hooks me up with singles but I didn't have any from this set. Jeon Sang Hyun is the best looking card in the lot, if you ask me. You didn't, but it's my blog. So I'll just pretend you asked me.
 After Korea, let's look at Japan. I do live in Japan, after all! One seller had a bunch of numbered Epoch singles, which I gobbled up for my type collection. Epoch's issues are usually so limited that most inserts are numbered less than 100 copies each. I've been gobbling up Calbee singles to finish off a little mini-collection I'm working on; I'm down to mostly 1980s cards. Soon, that project will be completed! Beste card here: Tokutsu, though it didn't scan well.
Finally, some more type collection singles. I lined these cards up so well that the Glory and Legendary Player cards look like single big cards! The two Tashiros are different; you can't tell it in the scan, but they are parallels of the base version. Best card: Asuka Teramoto, because any time I can get a gymnast out of a pack of baseball cards, that set is a winner.

What do you think of this scanning style? Nine cards per scan in an extra-large image size? Usually I have single card images, and put up to three in a row, but I thought I'd go back to this format to see how it works.


  1. Great cards, I like the Pedro art card and Murray relic. The Trevor Rogers is really nice, too.

    Your 9-card scans look great. I say go with the extra-large image size if you're showing lots of cards in a post like this.

  2. Nice pickups. Anytime you add three printing plates to your collection, I'd say it's a good haul. As for the 9 cards per scan, I'll utilize that style every now and then.

  3. Chris: that particular Bowman design isn't that bad. And I always love art cards.

    Fuji: I'm surprised how many plates I have gotten since coming to Japan.

    I guess I will keep using the 9-card scans for bigger hauls. It is easier, I think, despite the extra steps when using my full-size scanner.