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Monday, February 17, 2020

Fifty Four

One of my favorite things to find at the Tokyo Collectors Show is a dealer selling cheap MLB singles. Usually, someone's there with a 10-yen box, and I certainly get more cards than I need. In fact, that's where I usually get a bunch of doubles from. But that's fine with me, because it's fun just poking through the cards in the first place.
 I was surprised to get the Ohtani and Acuna for 10 yen each. And I was even more surprised to walk away with cheap Trout and Bellinger SPs, too. I enjoy the gimmicky SPs in Holiday, to the point that I've considered trying to find one of each type of SP (belt, hat, tree, etc.). And one set I chase each year is the Canvas Collection series in Topps Museum Collection. Best card: Bellinger Claus.
 I gotta say, I'm so glad that Stadium Club is back. It's much more enjoyable to flip through a set with unique, varied photographs than a set with batter after batter standing at the plate, and pitcher after pitcher in their motion. Best card: Giancarlon Stanton (the card stock makes this card)
 One of these cards is not like the other! I snuck a printing plate in with some Heritage. I've said it before: I get the concept of Heritage, and I get that many people enjoy it. But it's just not for me. There are some insert sets that pique my interest, at least. Best card: Velasquez for the view of the stadium.
 This is the "cards I don't know what to do with" scan. I like the Stadium Club Legends die-cut set, but I don't really need another set to collect. Best card: Nolan for the color matching.
 These cards fit into my type collection. I love the Score cards that pay homage to the 1990-ish All-Stars subsets. That is a set I will put together. Best card: Cole Tucker for the high jersey number.
Parallel city! It's like Geometry class all over again. Best card: Travis Swaggerty, because 'Murica.

Do you see any standouts here? More coming soon!

Until next time...


  1. Nice pickups!

    I've never been to a show in Japan but am thinking of taking one of them in (in Nagoya). Do the dealers there ever have any vintage stuff?

  2. An autograph, some holiday SP's, and a printing plate for 10 yen each? That's flippin' amazing.

  3. Johnny: thanks! I can't complain.

    Sean: I occasionally see older Calbee, but I don't remember what the Nagoya show had specifically. There is one dealer who tends to hit most of the shows with lots of vintage. I enjoyed the Nagoya show the few times I've been there, but I don't recall coming away with vintage. That said, it's free admission, and I think it's this weekend.

    Fuji: actually, most of the cards were 10 yen, but the nicer cards were 50 yen each (a different dealer) with the auto running 100 or 200 yen. Still a good deal!

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