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Friday, February 7, 2020

Have Nots and Haves...

Let's finish off these thick cards from that show last month, huh?

A few more hits were picked up for the type collection:
 I bet you Upper Deck went to a used bookstore or eBay or Amazon or whatever, bought the cheapest map book they could find, and have then been cutting it up since then to make this series of relic cards. I still like World Traveler, though, since I enjoy traveling the world. With 250 cards, the set would be extremely difficult to complete - finding the cards would be the first big challenge, and visiting all 250 locations would cost a fortune. But what a trip that would be, eh?
 A Big Grey Piece of a Shirt. But this one is numbered out of 10 so that makes it more special, right?
 Hey, this one has colors! The green dot means I forgot to take it out of the sleeve before scanning... oops. This is a pretty cool relic because each swatch is a different color, and the patch has four colors too!
 I remember these guys, back when I lived in Atlanta. When this card came out, it was probably a $100 card, at least in Atlanta. I think I paid a couple bucks for it. Boy how things have changed.
 The last card that actually fit into my collection was this patch; it only has a couple colors but it's a big piece. I wouldn't mind having a piece of the S on that logo from his jersey.

I picked up some more cards that ended up not fitting in my collection, as usual.
 I knew I wouldn't need these Civic Symbols state flag manu-relics. But I like novelties, and these are novelties. And they cost me $1 each, so I'll just go to Starbucks one less time this month. At a dollar each, I'd be interested in building the entire set of state flags.
 Two more World Traveler cards puts me over the 1% mark for set completion! Yeah, still not happening, unless, again, I can get the cards for $1 each. Oh, and Walla Walla, Washington! How can you not love Walla Walla, Washington?
 A few days ago, I posted one of these cards. But I bought three in all. Honestly, I wish the colors were bolder, but these have a kind of cross-stitch/needlepoint feel, which issomewhat admirable.
Two horrible signatures. I didn't need either of these in the end. (Yes, I already have a #/5 card from that Tier One autograph set somehow. I might actually have another Odorizzi.) Crawford actually signed all the way down to the relic window.

While not every card I picked up found a home in my collection (yet - perhaps they will fit in somewhere) what I did need certainly was worth the extra expense.

Until next time...


  1. There was a Northwest League team in Walla Walla, Washington, from 1969 to 1983. Tony Gwynn played there in 1981 so maybe you can file that card with your Gwynn PC.

    1. That'd be a stretch for me, but I might just keep it in my "just because" box, along with that Babe Ruth as Santa Claus card and the Bush/Mantle/Jeter SP.

  2. Those flag cards are cool. Topps had a manu-patch flag set a few years back in Ginter that I collected. Similar to those, but there was a player from the state on the side of the card. Very nice.

    1. I don't remember that set. What year was it? I know 2008 had a state flag insert set but I don't recall manu-patches.