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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

What is this? A glove for ants?

Yesterday, I showed off a nice piece of art I found at the local recycle shop. But that's not all that I've bought there. I also came away with some much smaller souvenirs: ones that I had never seen before.
First, let's start off with some mini figurines. These little guys I have seen before, and I have a couple of the tiny ones. Now I have a few more. The Clemens is a 2005 Corinthian mini figure, while the rest are SportsClix kind of things. (I wish I had gotten a better picture or scan of that pamphlet.) I believe those were found in gacha-gacha vending machines, or they could have been sold in little boxes. I considered for a brief second trying to put the set together; I could have come close just with the selection at the shop. But I wisely decided against it.

The little guys are also made by Corinthian, by the way, and in their original little bags. Left to right, Ken Griffey Jr., Chipper Jones, and Randy Johnson.

Next, three little baseballs. One side shows a player's name and jersey number (Mike Piazza, Chipper Jones, and Sammy Sosa).
The other has the player's team logo. Each ball has a little strap attached so you can put it on a phone or phone case, or a bag.
These straps are little plastic baseball caps. They don't have any players, but the detail is amazing given their size. Each one is about the size of a piece of popcorn (as are the baseballs above).
And here are some tiny jerseys with straps. And now you can probably tell where these came from. The fronts of the jerseys are designed to look like teams' home or away jerseys.
Backs continue the design, along with a player's name and jersey number. Ichiro was wearing #51 for the Mariners back in the mid 2000s, while Bernie Williams was Yankees #51. But I got two Chipper Jones jerseys, both home and away! And a Pepsiman jersey.
These gloves are tiny, and have straps as well. I have Ichiro, Chipper Jones, and Mike Piazza.
Finally, these are little metal plates that look similar to baseball cards, but also have straps to attach to your phone or bag.
Despite being really small, the backs include a team logo, photo, and lots of text. As you can see if you enlarge the photo, these were issued in 2004 by Pepsi. My guess is everything other than the Corinthian mini-figures were included free with various Pepsi products.

Boy do I miss those days, when I could walk into a supermarket or convenience store and find free toys hanging from the necks of soda bottles. I see some free items, but now they are nicer-quality and require bigger purchases. And they aren't related to baseball.

Would you hang one of these from your phone?


  1. Pedro can hang with me any day!

  2. These are pretty cool. I might hang one in my rear view mirror... but probably not from my phone.

  3. Matt: hah! Hang! Ha!

    Fuji: I tend to dislike dangling stuff from my phone, and I generally like lightweight, small keychains as much as possible. I've hung stuff from my bag.

    TLC: Thanks!

    1. I like the bag idea. I would definitely put one of these on my suitcase, so I could identify it easier at the airport.