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Monday, March 1, 2021

Set complete: Cheery Cards to Start March

Weekly Baseball occasionally includes cards as premiums with their magazines. I'm not sure exactly how often. But in 2012 and 2014 at least, they included preview cards for the two annual BBM cheerleading Dancing Heroine sets.

As I've built up my SCM promo card collection, I have picked up some of these cards, but for the past few years I haven't made any progress. In fact, both years had four cards each, and I've had three of four cards for each year.

Last month, I finally found one of the cards I needed. Along with the three I already had from that year. Each pair of cards were included in a little envelope of sorts attached inside the magazine. One seller had both envelopes for the 2012 set. Let's have a look at this issue, shall we?

The Dancing Heroine Hana (華) promos were included in the June 18 issue. 

Card WB1: Akiko Kamishiro, Fighters Girl (Nippon-Ham Fighters).

Card WB2: Chiho Abe of Team Venus (Yomiuri Giants).

Dancing Heroine Mai (舞) promos were included in the July 30 issue.

Card WB1: Asami of the Honeys (Fukuoka Hawks).

Card WB2: Riho Sugiura of the Cheer Dragons (Chunichi Dragons).

The cards use basically the same design of the base cards. The gold background distinguishes them from base cards, as does the Weekly Baseball Promotion notation on the front and unique card numbers.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, I only know of 2012 and 2014 promos. I feel like I've had 2013 and/or 2015 cards, but I could be mistaken. SCM Magazine included cheer promos in later years before it, sadly, disappeared.


  1. Always enjoy a Dancing Heroine post.

  2. Nice! I really wish SCM would make a comeback...was so fun getting the cards in the magazine. No complaints with this post!

    1. The cards were arguably the best part. I've never been happy with the prices, though the same is said for Beckett. And I couldn't read the articles. I suppose BBM could push over more promos to Weekly Baseball. I might even be enticed to start a subscription, or at least buy magazines here and there, if they regularly had cards.

  3. There's at least one from 2013 - the July 8th issue had a promo from the "Hana" set along with a promo card of Shohei Ohtani for the Classic set. There were promos for the 2015 edition of "Mai" in the August 3rd issue that year for Reika of the Bs Girls and Yukino of the Tigers Girls.

    1. I was pretty sure there were more. Unfortunately, while I was writing this post, I couldn't find any mention of having them in my collection. I'm pretty sure I have the 2013 card(s) as well as the 2015 cards. I'm planning to check when I get back to Funabashi this weekend. (I guess I could have checked your blog, but, well, I didn't.)

    2. My list of the Shukan Baseball inserts didn't include the two 2015 cards until I looked into this so checking it wouldn't have helped you that much...

    3. Good news, I do have both 2015s and all of the 2013s (I'm pretty sure there are three). I need to properly inventory them when I get caught up on stuff!