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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Everything's A Relic, A Relic for Everything

The first baseball cards with relics had pieces of jerseys. I'd guess that jerseys are some of the easiest relic cards to make: cut up a shirt and glue it to the card. It wasn't too long before everything in a stadium found its way onto cards. And some things from outside the stadium.

What has been used as a relic on a baseball card?

  • jerseys
    • patches
    • tags
    • buttons
    • button holes
  • pants
  • jackets
    • patches
    • tags
  • socks
  • wristbands
  • undershirts
  • hats
    • logos
  • knit hats
  • hoodies
  • bats
    • knobs
    • barrels
      • nameplates
  • cleats/shoes
    • spikes
  • fielding gloves
  • batting gloves
  • bases
  • home plates
  • pitching rubbers
  • balls
  • seats
  • walls
  • dirt
    • pitching mound
    • batter's box
  • catcher's mask
  • catcher's chest protector
  • catcher's shin guards
  • tickets
  • tablecloth from Manny Machado's press conference
  • mascot costume
  • Santa hat
  • cornstalks from Iowa
  • coins
  • subway tokens
If it's in bold, I know I have an example. I'm sure I'm missing some in the list. Add them to the comments below! Note that this is baseball only, and any non-baseball relics (like from Allen & Ginter) aren't to be considered part of this list. But as you can see, anything related to a baseball player "on the job" would count.

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  1. You have all of the ones I could have ever thought of and much, much more. Totally forgot about those corn stalk relics. It'd be cool if Topps brought the Bazooka line back, gave ball players some Bazooka gum, and then embedded the player touched wrapper into a card. I realize 99% of collectors would think this idea is stupid... but it would allow me to build the set much much easily.

    1. Panini might actually include the gum... except it's Topps gum. Speaking of which, why hasn't Panini brought back those puzzle pieces as a throwback insert in Donruss?

      I realized that I left off all of the unique relics in the Fragments of the Farm sets from Topps Pro Debut. Banners, signs, cards... so many awesome pieces of trash there too!