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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wallet Tony goes to Ueno

I've been a bit lacking on the posting front lately. I have tons of cards I can share, but I'm just too easily distracted right now hunting for things on Yahoo Auctions, trying to get the latest Buck Farmer cards (as of this writing, I need Purple, Gold, Pink, Framed, and the 1/1s), and just working on various projects.

I haven't even been really doing things on the weekend since the New Years vacation. So Wallet Tony has been mostly shuttered in, keeping watch over my point cards. But on Monday afternoon I made my way to Ueno and Tony came out for a while as well!
Ameyoko is an area just south of Ueno along the railroad tracks with lots of shops and restaurants. This is in the izakaya (Japanese pub) area, which was still pretty quiet around 4PM.
Look closely at the intentionally blurry background and you might be able to tell that the store in the picture is an adult novelty shop. Those are girlie magazines out in the front, and I'm pretty sure that pink and black poster above them is for a toy men might use while looking at the magazines. Around the corner were cosplay costumes.
I'm sure Tony enjoyed the ladies, but I met up with my friend and we went to an art exhibit instead. Afterward, we went to a cafe with very expensive coffee. If you think Starbucks is pricey, take a look at the cup above. Over $7 for that, which was basically a hot chocolate with green tea. It was good, but I don't think I'll be trying that idea again.
Tony didn't make an appearance in this photo... after coffee and chatting we went to a "hamburg" restaurant. Hamburg is basically a salisbury steak - hamburger patty with sauce. This one came with a baked potato and was very tasty.

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