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Sunday, August 24, 2014

This is NOT a Baseball Card: 1983 Seibu Lions PL Champions Train Ticket

 While poking around the stamp shop next to the Mint Tachikawa baseball card store, I saw a couple baseball items. The only thing in my price range was this ticket holder from Seibu - an independent train company in the Tokyo area - celebrating the Seibu Lions (see, they own the team!) winning the Pacific League championship in 1983.
The back has details on the season victory. Inside was a picture of the celebration - sorry, I wasn't able to scan it. But there was one other surprise:
 Train tickets! I paid less than the tickets were worth, though I'm sure they're not valid anymore. And this is more valuable to me as an intact souvenir. It's not in good shape; you can see that there's a rip at the top of the ticket sheet. But I'll take it!

If I make my way out to Tachikawa again I'm going to skim through to see what else I can find.

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