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Saturday, August 16, 2014

New Release: 2014 BBM Fighters "We Love Hokkaido"

I think BBM is starting to reach when it comes to box set titles. I don't know what has spurred this "Hokkaido love" movement I've seen with BBM and the Fighters lately, but I do like the set. There are 28 regular cards in the base set, and box sets (4000 yen) also include one special insert card.
 The base cards are horizontal, and perhaps the best part is the We Love Hokkaido logo in the corner. I don't know what the numbers in the background are supposed to represent. The backs are also horizontal, with an uncropped version of the front photo and the usual other information, including early-2014 statistics. Actually, I wish BBM would stop including partial-year statistics on its cards.
The set features the players in one of several different uniforms, which is another appeal when it comes to this release. I'm tempted to put together a type set of the different jerseys shown on the cards.

The special cards can be one of three types.
All 28 regular subjects and Noriaki Kasai (a ski jumper) have autographed cards with print runs ranging from 30 to 120 each, for a total of 1708 autographs. Kasai also appears in the 2nd Version First Pitch set.

There are two printed autograph cards, in gold foil (100 copies), hologram (50 copies), red (30 copies), and blue (16 copies).

And finally, there are nine die-cut inserts with 100 copies each.

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