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Friday, August 22, 2014

Card Shops in Japan: Mint Shinjuku Revisited

I don't get to the Shinjuku branch of Mint very often. It's on the opposite side of Tokyo from me (only Shibuya is farther) and they have a very small selection. However, I can sometimes pick up some cards at a great deal.
I rarely see die-cut cards, but this store seems to have a (relatively) decent stock.
 They have a good supply of parallels (above) and numbered inserts (below) too. This is not the store for set builders, though. Mint Shinjuku is good for those looking for higher end cards, as there are plenty in the cases lining the walls. The discounted parallels and inserts are found sorted by team and seem to be completely random. Single card prices start at 60 yen, and the parallels and inserts can be as low as 100 yen (usually 200 yen and up).
 The store carries a good selection of current boxes and packs in all sports and some non-sport sets. I've found a good amount of CardGen, though it looks like that's going to disappear in the near future; they also stock Owner's League cards. There's a lot of AKB48 to be found here, too. Prices are average for Japan as far as most cards go, and I'm sure some good deals can be found in the showcases from time to time.
 The store is located on the second floor of a building just off a main street in Shinjuku. Check the map below for the location. You can enter from the "adhoc" sign you see in the left-hand picture and go up stairs if you approach from the main street on the border of the Kabukicho district. Coming from the station, you can use the same entrance, or enter around the corner;due to a small hill and steps you enter onto the second floor. Note that on the lefthand picture, you can see the sign for the card store on the window (TRADING CARDS.../MINT.../YOUR HOUSE...).
The store is open daily 11:00-21:00.

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