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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Set Gallery: 2014 Epoch JBPA 20th Anniversary

Note that my computer is giving me serious problems. Tonight it seems to be okay, but last night I couldn't really use it. Posting might become intermittent. Also note that I have a hard time responding to comments through my iPhone.

The JBPA (Japan Baseball Promotion Association) 20th Anniversary set issued by Epoch a couple weeks ago might be my favorite JBPA set, with a classy design and lots of action photos of players in their old uniforms. Some of the images are kind of grainy or could use some cleaning up (hello, Picasa!) but it's still a nice set. Nice enough, in fact, that I added it to my collection. All of the cards can be seen below. The base set has 39 cards. I'll have more on this set eventually.


  1. It's kind of odd that Epoch listed the team for Masuyoshi Miura as the "Mainichi Daiei Orions". I've always seen that team called the "Daimai Orions". It was formed when the Mainichi Orions and the Daiei Stars merged after the 1957 season which reduced the number of teams in NPB to 12.

  2. Yeah, that is a strange way to name the team, but perhaps Epoch was going by a "proper" team definition. Daimai is of course a combination of the two company names and might just be a simple nickname. That's pretty common here - even "Family Mart" is shortened to "FaMiMa" in many cases.