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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Card Shops in Japan: Mint Opa! Urawa Revisit

 I've written about the Urawa branch of Mint twice before. It's time to bring an update.
The store still has the same selection of cards. Soccer is still a heavy seller here, and BBM singles for most of the major releases going back to 1991 are kept in stock. As always, sets more than about 10 years old might not be here, or might not have full stock. But for recent releases you'll find all the singles you need.

There are inserts as well, including autographs. The ones you see here were clearance-priced at only $5 each, the cheapest I've found yet in Japan. Hopefully some will be left this weekend after I get paid!

There are plenty of packs and boxes too, as well as a small collection of idol cards. There are boxes and packs, as well as a few singles, for US card releases (MLB, mostly) and soccer issues. And plenty of CCG cards, mainly of the MTG variety.

Prices for most cards are standard - singles are 60 yen each and up, with inserts usually starting around 300 yen.
 The store is an easy walk from Urawa Station; from the west exit just follow the main street that is perpendicular to the station. You'll need to be on the right side of the street, where you'll pass a CoCoICHI curry restaurant and Saitama Hall. A couple buildings after that, you'll come to an alley before a white-brick building (the sign on the front now says Grand Blue cafe & bar). The Mint sign is on the side of that building in red. Go down that alley; the store is on the right.
The store front above is seen from the alley. They recently rearranged the store and it's very difficult to move around inside, especially if you have a larger bag or backpack with you. Some table space toward the back can be used for browsing the large singles boxes, which are sorted by year and set.

The station is to the East (right) of the store in the above map.

Mint Opa! Orawa is open 12:00-20:00 weekdays and 11:00-19:00 weekends and holidays.


  1. Seems about the same as it was when I visited last spring. It seemed kinda cramped for space, so I can't imagine there being less space now!

  2. It really is even more cramped now. But I guess it's good that they're trying to fit in more cards instead of reducing stock.

    Just a small update: Most of the inserts and parallels are located in binder pages, and it seems that they're sorted by release date in each "binder". Higher-end singles are in the cases just below these binders.