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Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Super-Important Trades-In-Progress Update Post

 It's been a long time since I've mailed a trade package and I'm finally getting my... stuff together as promised. Monday is my day off this weekend and I'll spend part of it looking for cards for you and me.

Please check this list below! If your name is supposed to be here but isn't, please tell me. Likewise, if you don't know why you're here, please ask! This is meant to be an exhaustive list after researching a year - or sometimes longer - back in my emails.

  • Douglas C.- ready to mail in return for cards
  • 14,000 Phillies - I have some cards for you for a trade, almost everything you asked for!
  • Fuji - I have to pick up a couple more things for you and I think we're ready
  • unclemoe - you wanted a DiamondBacks '12 CardGen set. Do you still want one?
  • Jeff W. - I have stuff to send you whenever we finalize the trade.
  • Dutch Card Guy - I owe you , and I think I have stuff to send you.
  • Paul B. - I think I'm about halfway there for the trade, for the 20th Anniversary UD singles.
  • Nachos Grande - I am looking for your stuff this weekend.
  • Scott Crawford - I'm looking for what you wanted.
  • Ryan H - I hope to get the CardGen cards you asked for on Monday, though Uehara stuff will make us wait a while
  • Adam E(Australia) - I talked to you recently...
  • Greg D - going shopping for you this weekend.
  • Steve M. - I need to find the set still, this weekend.
  • NPB Card Guy - I am expecting to find those magazines. If nothing else, I can order them from Amazon and make enough of an order to get free shipping.
  • Kenny (Zippy Zappy) - I need 5 more cards for you.
  • Jason P. - I have the Foreigners cards for you, and unless I hit gold this weekend I might be ready to mail.

Again, if you should be on this list (it's highly possible) because we discussed a trade or I made a trade with you and still owe you cards, tell me! You won't insult me.

I have some cards without owners. Namely, a lot of Braves and Phillies '12 CardGen (who did I get those for?!) as well as Verlander/Lincecum stuff (who likes both of them? I can't find you).

I'll be emailing everyone individually next week (I hope!!!) to give you a full update.

Please send me an email: rgluesing through gmail if you have questions or concerns about this list. And if you're interested in anything and want to do a trade, please let me know so I can look for stuff for you at the same time!