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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Red Foley, Texas Ranger

I'm currently on vacation. I figure this is a good time to share more from Red Foley's Cartoon History of Baseball. As I've mentioned before, I wish they would update the book - and sell it in trading card form! Today, we look at the Texas Rangers.

The Rangers, like my Mariners post yesterday, don't have too long of a history. They, too, only receive ten panels, though they are more creative. I like the 1988 panel. But the first one is fun, too. Abracadabra!
I should be back tomorrow with more actual cards. I hope you've enjoyed my posts this week!


  1. Love that song. For years, I didn't realize it was the Steve Miller Band and thought they hadn't done anything since the 70s. But wow, that video is like someone stuck the early 80s into a pressure cooker and extracted the pure, distilled essence of what an early 80s music video should be. I get the feeling, they just reset the cameras, called Ray Parker Jr from his dressing room and shot the Ghostbusters video.

  2. I think there was just one music video set in the 1980s, and all the videos were shot there. Nothing like a little fog machine to make things seem crazier for the metal bands...