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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New Release: 2013 BBM Greatest Games 9-26-2001 Buffaloes vs. BlueWave

When I posted information about the foreigners set I mentioned BBM has been releasing a lot of topical sets this year. I've enjoyed learning from the Kyushu and Osaka Limited sets, and the history recalled in the two foreigner sets and the no-hitters set is great. Another series that BBM has been releasing this year has been Greatest Games. This particular set focuses on a game played on September 26, 2001 between the Buffaloes and BlueWave.
 The base cards are fairly simple and feature players from the game. I assume the photos are from the game as well, though I don't know for sure.
 The backs have awards highlights, statistics for 2001, and a writeup about the player.
 Here's Tuffy Rhodes for comparison between the two teams.
 Again the backs have a listing of Rhodes' awards and achievements, 2001 stats, and a writeup. I don't know if it references the game itself, as the statistics include some of Tuffy's career numbers (464 HRs, 1269 RBI).
 The end of the set has several highlight cards. This one honors Rhodes' 55 home runs.
The back seems to mention that Tuffy hit his 55th home run on September 24th, tying the record set in 1964, and that the record was tied again in 2002? Obviously, the set doesn't focus entirely on the actual game.

It looks like there are 29 players in the autograph list (about half for each team), with quantities ranging from 31 to 127. I couldn't find information on any other special cards being issued in this release.

If you're wondering about the game itself, it decided the league champions. Here's the last inning for you:
Watch the entire bottom of the ninth with this 10-minute video, or jump to 8:30 for the end.


  1. Oh, wow, this set is much more attractive than the first two "Greatest Games" box sets were. You can actually see who the players are.

    Alex Cabrera of the Lions also tied the home record in 2002 (well, what is the home run record for another day or so... :-))

  2. Wow! Valentin his 54th tonight! I hadn't had a chance to look yet.

  3. Yeah, I decided to work from home today partly to keep an eye on the game and see if I'd see #55. I missed his first two at bats (so I missed #54) but I saw his last three - walk, strike out and game ending double play. With the exception of the walk where it was obvious Kenta Maeda wasn't going to give him a thing to hit (catcher was setting up about two feet outside), it looked like they weren't pitching around him. And the walk was defensible from a game situation.

    Probably can't work from home the rest of the week so unless he hits it early in the game (and I'm awake) I probably won't see it.