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Friday, September 13, 2013

Red Foley Draws on the Indians

I'm currently on vacation. I figure this is a good time to share more from Red Foley's Cartoon History of Baseball. As I've mentioned before, I wish they would update the book - and sell it in trading card form! Today, we look at the Cleveland Indians.

My favorite cartoon for the Indians is about 1960, only because it marks an interesting, obscure moment in baseball history. I haven't bothered to research: have other managers been traded since? An obvious theme is the consistently poor performance of the Indians, especially in the 1980s. Of course, they were more successful in the mid-90s.


  1. I don't recall any other times where two managers were traded for each other, but there's been a number of times when a player has been essentially traded for a manager - most recently last off season when the Red Sox sent Mike Aviles to Toronto in exchange for the Blue Jays releasing John Farrell from his contract so he could take the Red Sox job.

  2. Did I hear rumors of a manager or player-manager trade in Japan recently? Or am I just mixing that up with the Sox/Jays story?