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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Red Foley heads to the Twins' City.

I'm currently on vacation. I figure this is a good time to share more from Red Foley's Cartoon History of Baseball. As I've mentioned before, I wish they would update the book - and sell it in trading card form! Today, we look at the Minnesota Twins.

Kirby Puckett is a legend, but I really like the Hitchcock reference in the 1970 panel. And unfortunately, the Twins have a history of poor performance, which is again reflected in the cartoons. A black hole for the pitcher's mound! I am very happy with the inclusion of the Twins' history in DC. Why didn't they draw a cartoon caricature of a president throwing out the first pitch?


  1. I love these. And you're right, they should be cards.

  2. If I was working for Topps, or could secure an MLB and MLBPA license...