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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Conditions for a Sensitive Trade

Rosenort (that's his screen name on his blog, Condition Sensitive) is a big Rockies fan, and contacted me about getting some Sega Card Gen singles. I was certainly happy to oblige, and in return I got a bunch of awesome MLB cards to enjoy!
 Ahh, 1990 Fleer. I believe these were cushions in the package to protect the cards. But it's always fun seeing cards from my youth.
 Back when Prospects usually had a bit of MLB experience. I have considered collecting the Fleer stickers included in packs and some of the sticker-based sets too. I even created some basic checklists to get started. But since I have a ton of other sets on my want list I'm not going to even think about that right now... Anyway, let's look at the actual trade.
 My young Charlie Hough collection is getting a good start with some cards that would be overpriced in any store, but perfect as trade material! The collection is young, not Charlie. I think he was born in his 40s. And 1990 Donruss does not scan well.
 I really like the 1972 Minis. I'm building the set, slowly but surely. The first series is done, and I have several cards from the other two. I might do a big purchase on COMC or Sportlots sometime soon.
 I'm going after all the Topps throwback minis. Call me an idiot. Why do I want these cards so much? King Felix is a nice card to add to the trade!
 Seriously, I have a problem. Another Topps set I really shouldn't be collecting, but I like die cut cards. Thankfully, Rosenort had a couple to feed that addiction. And this year I said I want to reduce the number of card sets on my want list!
 Looking through his for-trade list, I found some interesting oddballs for my type collection. 1991 Pepsi Griffey! Gotta love the Pepsi uniform.
 Nabisco Canada! How do I know it's Canadian? Well, the card has a maple leaf on both the front and back. Oh, and there is that French language thing too. I love art cards. This entire set might end up on my want list. This art looks very familiar, too.
 I wish Topps would do something like the You Crash The Game contests Upper Deck did with Collector's Choice in the 1990s. And Topps did with the World Series game in Stadium Club in 1994 (extended to '95). Outcome-based chase cards are really fun!
 A couple more cards for the type collection: the Extra Edition Elite Series looks nice, but I like the UD Pepsi card more!
Finally, two great hits from Gypsy Queen. The players may not be superstars, but they fit a niche!

Thanks so much for the great cards! It looks like Card Gen might not be back this year, but if there's anything else I can get you in Japan let me know!

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