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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Gallery 1: Starcards Kara Trading Card Set

Kara is a K-Pop group that I discussed before - one of the biggest in Korea. They're pretty popular here in Japan too. Last year a company called Starcards issued a set of trading cards that are standard-sized, with several five-card subsets featuring the members of Kara in different poses and outfits.
I came across a big bundle of cards in Nakano a couple weeks ago at a really low price, and it turns out someone must have tried to complete a set and came up a bit short. When the cards first came out in packs (white and black versions - I'm not sure about how those work) they went for about 600 yen for 6 cards - about $1 a card. I got around 80 cards for about $3.

I scanned the front and back of the cards I have because there really isn't much information out there. I'm splitting these into two posts because it comes to approximately 80 scans per post. Note the card numbering: there is a Japan set and a Korea set, though I can't tell any difference other than the numbering. The subset designs seem to be identical and member order remains consistent.
The cards come in this order: Gyu Ree, Nicole, Seung Yeon, Hara, Ji Young. The members repeat every five cards, with a different design and frequently a different costume or outfit. Later in the set, there are a few topical subsets and special cards that I believe are limited.

Subset titles are my names.

Shape Background Subset

Let's Sing Together Subset

Graffiti Subset (these have foil fronts)

Heart Candids Subset

Pretty Girl Subset

Props Subset

Album Images Subset

Foil Signature Subset

Tan Flowers Subset

Black Outfits Subset

This gets through cards 1-50.

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