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Saturday, June 21, 2014

TCIC Feature Set: 1994 Colorado Silver Bullets Coors Promotional Baseball Card Set

Thanks to the NPB Card Guy, I have an almost complete collection of the sets issued for the Colorado Silver Bullets. While researching a bit for yesterday's post, I came across two Coors promotional sets. The one below, the first one I featured on this blog, was issued in 1994. They were available by purchasing beer, and each card carries a silver or gold foil stamp from one of the Coors beers available then. I think three cards were available in each pack. I've shown most of the cards before, but I wanted to provide the entire set together.

The second set, issued in 1995, is much larger, at 27 cards. These too carry Coors product logos, but don't appear to be foil stamped, with blue borders and text that's in upper and lower case instead of just upper case.

Here is the complete 1994 set of nine, including Phil Niekro.

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