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Monday, June 2, 2014

New Release: 2014 BBM Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters

Three more team sets are out - this one hit stores a little more than a week ago. The base set has 90 cards.
 Cards 1-71 are player or mascot cards, with a simple boxy design on the front. The backs follow the same basic layout as always; the colors used on the cards match team colors. Card 72 is a team checklist with the team logo on the front.
 The next three cards recognize award winners: two Best Nine and one Golden Glove award.
 The next six cards are all of Shohei Ohtani; the first three are for his first three victories as a pitcher, while the other three recognize his first three home runs. The home run cards show Ohtani in a different uniform on each card. I have to give BBM a big thumbs up for including actual details on the back of these cards!
 The last, nine card subset is called Born in the 90's. This subset does nothing but make me feel old.
The lone insert set is called Fighters' Fight, and uses the standard BBM formula of a foil front with little or no background, and the picture repeated on the back.
I'm not aware of any parallels for the insert set, but the base set does have a parallel. I think it's a partial parallel; cards are serial-numbered to 150. The cards match the regular set design but have a foil finish.
There are three relic cards: one for Sho Nakata, one for Shohei Ohtani, and one dual jersey card.
Autographed cards are the biggest draw here, and I count 67 players plus the three mascots having signed cards. Print runs are 47-60 copies each. Eight of the players also have "Special Handwriting Signature Cards" limited to 10 copies each. I haven't seen one in person or online, but BBM's preview image shows a blue background card with "Star Limited Edition" at the top.

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