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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

TCIC Feature Set: 1995 Colorado Silver Bullets Team Set

The 1995 Silver Bullets team set has purple borders, with a white, purple, white, red, black, white, black frame. Yup. Lots of boxes here. Once again I don't care much for the choice in font, but there is plenty of space for the photos here. They are pretty grainy, but seem to feature actual game action, unlike many of the photos in other sets. This set has 28 cards.

The other 1995 set, issued by Coors, has a simple blue border and nicer text, and is easily distinguishable by the beer brand logo found on the card fronts. That set has 27 cards, but I don't have any copies from that issue right now.

Note that the cards below are properly cut; my scanner tends to chop off borders, especially when they're darker.

That's it for the Silver Bullets sets. Tomorrow I'll post an overview to wrap this up!


  1. I need to get the 1995 and 1996 sets. Here is a website checklist where I saw the 27 blue bordered card set I had mentioned in the comments to one of your other posts. It also lists the 1994 nine card set.
    Interesting the checklist links to the one 1995 sealed 25 card set but the links to individual player cards is the 28 card blue border set.

    1. I have seen that website as well, and used it as a bit of reference. The full set is the team set, while the singles are from the promotional set.