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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Killing Time with Great New Cards

I don't really know where to go with this post. I've written a few starts and, well, I don't like them.

I'm at a strange point in my life. I'm not burned out with cards, but I am getting a bit burned out overall.

Something like this:

There's a lot I want to do right now. I really want to focus on boosting my MLB and Japanese card collections, which takes lots of time and money. I really want to take some sightseeing trips, which also take time and money.
I have a strong need right now to clean my apartment - vacuum and do the dishes and such, of course, but also go through the souvenirs and such that I've collected in the past 30 months and catalog, photograph, and pack it away. That takes lots of time too.
My computer files need to be organized, because I really think I need to wipe my hard drive and do a fresh OS install, before it gets so bad I need to buy a new PC. Of course, all that will take a ton of time.
All that time goes to work, of course - 10-11 hours a day including commute time, and writing for my blogs. I've tried to manage my time better. I've quit playing addictive cell phone games, for example. And I enjoy writing my blogs.
I think part of the problem is a lack of energy. Right now, it's really hot and humid, and work has been pretty busy. My legs are sore, my mind is shot, and I just don't feel like doing anything when I get home. Even on Sunday I still just want to relax.  
What does this have to do with cards? Instead of cleaning, taking trips, or tackling other projects, I waste the entire day heading into Tokyo to go card shopping every week. These US cards came from the Kanda Mint store, and most of them went into my collections.
With the rainy season in full force in Japan, planning a trip is a big gamble, especially since a lot of what I'd like to do involves outdoor activities. And with rain in the forecast every weekend, I instead make the card store circuit, killing lots of time and emptying my wallet.
At least I'm adding to my collections, right?


  1. I know the feeling. The past few weeks for me, posting has been tough, sitting down to do organization has been's the summer doldrums here in Atlanta too.

  2. There's actually a name for it in Japanese, too. Gogatsu-byou is that point in May where the "new year" (that starts in April) isn't so new anymore, the fun of the Golden Week vacation (at the start of the month) is gone, and the next vacation is far away. And people start to lose that excitement. Then, in June, the humid heat comes...