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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Evangelion, One Wafer at a Time

I'm not really an Evangelion fan yet, but you wouldn't know that from the quantity of merchandise I have. I saw a few clips on YouTube and since that time I've collected some figurines and sets. I'm either going to be glad when I finally get a chance to watch the series, or quite disappointed.

The series is quite old, but movies have been released in the past few years keeping the franchise alive, and merchandising follows right behind it. Most recently, cards issued one per pack with wafer cream snacks have been seen in stores. For a short while, though - they seem to have all disappeared quite fast. I bought 10 of them to get a good sample of what's inside.

They tie in to the entire original series, I think. There are other series of these cards that relate to, for example, a single movie. C- prefix cards are character cards, M- are machines, SP- are special cards that seem to be character-related, and S- are series (episode) cards.

The cards I found are below, front and back.


  1. Not sure if you get to see many recent movies, but Pacific Rim sort of took the absolute most superficial aspects of NGE and made for a very entertaining movie. I've seen the series up the "End of Evangelion" movie and greatly enjoyed it. I saw the dubbed version, which was very well acted, but the actress playing Asuka was extremely annoying (that's why I haven't watched Steamboy yet, the actress playing Scarlet in the dubbed version is excruciating). I hope to be able to re-watch the subtitled version of the series someday. I'm sure when I watched it last (around 1999-2000), I missed an enormous amount of detail. It is definitely one of the high-water marks of anime. It also gave us some dozen different reditions of "Fly Me To The Moon" over the closing credits.

  2. I really haven't seen many recent movies. I need to change that. I just watched the first episode of Evangelion in Japanese tonight, but I realize that I should probably have English (subtitles at least) for the rest because I think I'm missing some explanation.